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October 2017 - The web site gets a makeover to make it mobile and tablet friendly

As technology advances the web site had become increasingly difficult to view on today’s range of tablets and mobile phones. So it's been completely rewritten to provide a better user experience whether viewed from a PC, mobile phone or tablet. Whatever the size of your screen the site should be easily viewable. If you you find any problems please use the contacts page to get in touch.

September 2017 - Sienna update, the final part

Grant provides part 10 and the final conclusion of his Stevens Sienna project

August 2017 - Sienna update, the final fit up, the Sienna is coming together.

Grant provides part 9 of his Stevens Sienna project

July 2017 - The Peter Andrews Memorial Sprint

July 16 saw the 5th running of the Peter Andrews Memorial Sprint at Woodbridge run by the Fressingfield Oily Rag Club and Javelin Track Days. For the 3rd year the green Cipher had been entered with the expectation of improving on last years’ time. A new modified Kitten big bore exhaust system had been fitted and the car felt noticeably better especially up hills where previously it always lacked power. My thanks to the excellent Reliant Kitten Register parts scheme for supplying a Kitten system to modify.
This year MoD restrictions meant that the usual track layout was completely revised to avoid using the main runway, so unfortunately no more comparison times with previous years. The weather forecast was for cloud all day with a slight chance rain later on, so hopefully almost ideal conditions for the day. So after a couple of sighting runs to learn the new track layout it was time for the first proper run of the day. Javelin had excelled themselves in creating new anti-clockwise layout that really tested the cars handling. Over the next 6 runs I shave over 6 seconds off my first run of the day and the Cipher is performing really well and trouble free. As usual we've all had a brilliant day out, the Cipher is never going to win any prizes for its speed but it’s certainly been a lot of fun.

side illustration

car illustration

car illustration

car illustration

Above photos by Ken Carrington from Ken Carrington Photography

June 2017 - Sienna update part 7 and 8

Grant provides part 7 and 8 of his Stevens Sienna project

May 2017 - Some more of the original Cipher road tests

Motor imageMotor imageMotor image

April 2017 - We've found some more of the original Cipher road tests

Motor imageMotor imageMotor image

March 2017 - One of the original road tests is now on the web site

The original Cipher cars were road tested by many of the main motoring magazines of the day. Under the new Road Tests tab we have reproduced some of the ones we have discovered so far.

Motor imageMotor imageMotor image

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